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Canvas Repair


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Are you sure you need new canvas?

Rips and tears...

Rips and tears can usually be mended with ease.  Our experts will try to figure out why your canvas ripped in the first place and perform the appropriate procedure to repair and improve your canvas.

Brown or scratched windows...

Usually, new clear vinyl windows can be installed in your existing border for about half the cost of new.  Prices depend on how your curtain is made, shrinkage, and gauge of the clear vinyl. 

Missing teeth in the zipper...

A tooth in a zipper cannot be replaced but the zippers can be.  Most times, only a half a zipper needs to be replaced.  And in some cases, only the slider needs to be replaced. 


It's very common for a canvas to need to be re-stitched after a few years.  The reason why thread doesn't last as long as the canvas itself is because it's manufactured from a different fiber.  Synthetic canvas such as Sunbrella(R) is made from the Acrylic fiber.  This fiber resists sun rot but doesn't have the strength needed to make a good, strong thread.  

We use a heavy, coated, UV Dacron(R) thread.  The coating, located on the outside of the tread, swells when it gets wet (takes about 3 weeks from new before it's activated).  The greater the coating, the shorter the life of the thread.  From experience, we have found the best balance between leaks and life. 



Before you decide to get new canvas, bring your old canvas to our experts for a complete analysis of its condition.  A simple test will be performed and an opinion of  its remaining life will be giving.


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