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Q.    What is the best way to choose a canvas maker for my boat?

A.    Ask around.  Always ask fellow boat owners whom they recommend.  Also check out boat dealers that sell new boats and see who they trust to work on their boats.


Q.    I found another canvas maker who is a little cheaper.  Why shouldn't I use them?

A.    If you are an owner who is planning on keeping your boat, you are going to have to live with you decision for a long time.  Bad design and/or poorly fitting canvas can make pleasure boating rather unpleasurable.

        If your planning on selling your boat, remember that a bad canvas job is not going to help you sell your boat.  Find out whom boat dealers use to make their boats more marketable.

        Remember, there is a reason why they're cheaper ; )


Q.    Why do I have to bring my boat to your shop?  Some of the other canvas makers will come to my boat.

A.    Too many times people have to find out the answer to this the hard way.  Most canvas jobs require several trips on and off the boat.  If you add up all the travel times together with all the boats they're working on, it becomes easy to understand why you might be waiting weeks or even months for them to complete the work.  With us, you bring your boat to us on a Tuesday, and 99% of the time (weather permitting) you'll have it back for the weekend.  Boats can be brought in by trailer or by water.


Q.    I need canvas for my boat.  How do I go about having it done?

A.    It's as easy as 1 - 2 - 3.

        1.  Just call or email us you year, make, model and type of boat (ie. runabout, walkaround, etc.)  Tell us what you would like to have done to you boat, and we'll give you a price.  Sometimes we need to see the boat in person or photo.  If you email a photo, JPEG file is preferred. 

        2.  We'll write up an order and book a date to bring in your boat.  A 1/3 deposit would be required at this point.  Balance is due upon completion.

        3.  Bring us the boat on scheduled date.

Wasn't that easy?


Q.    My canvas is porous and leaking.  Is it time to replace it with new?

A.    No.  Probably not.  Depending on the fabric, it may just need to be re-treated with a water repellant.  Be sure to match the proper treatment with the fabric.  For example, use a repellant that is for synthetics when applying to a Acrylic canvas such as SunBrella(R).  


Q.    My clear vinyl window turned yellow and now I can't see out of them any more.  Do I need new canvas?

A.    No, not at all.  Depending how it's made, new clear can be installed right in your old curtain.  

        PLEASE NOTE:  Do not cut away old plastic.  This could ruin your curtain.


Q.    Is it true that you use sewing machines that are a hundred years old?

A.    Yes.  Still in service is the sister to the 7th series Singer which was featured in the February 5, 1965 New York Times article.  Check out the NEWS section of this site to read about it.  We use this machine for very heavy work that the 'new' machines can't handle.  We also have a two needle Union Special sewing machine that was first put into service in 1917.  This machine we use every day.  There is a secret to keeping our machine running smoothly and trouble free.  That secret is...  Oil, Oil, Oil.



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